CLIK Interactive

Let your customers experience their designs

After engineers complete their data and modeling work in CLIK Designer, it is time to release it on the Internet with CLIK Interactive Designer, or CLIK iDS. It communicates complex information through the power of visualization for human appreciation, verification, and validation by non-specialists, with the goal of aiding decision making.

CLIK iDS is built for both engineers and end users, such as customers and dealers. Engineers immediately visualize and test their designs in full 3D, import their assemblies into CAD, and have access to reports and diagnostics. Customers customize their products from a menu of options and visualize the results.

CLIK iDS has three major components: a Parametric Configurator GUI for product customization, an Interactive 3D Display  for visualization of the results, and a section for Reports and Diagnostics. When more specialized applications are needed, CLIK iDS integrates with Certusoft CLIK Solvers and Optimizers. Tasks such as interference checking, optimization of CAD assemblies and engineering optimization are as simple as a mouse click. Results are returned in just a few seconds.

TruckPerfect is an implementation of  CLIK iDS for the commercial vehicle industry. It includes a Parametric Configurator for the assembly of chassis components and truck bodies with CLIK AAE, a 3D Renderer, and integration with CLIK Solvers such as Driveline Optimizer and Powertrain Optimizer.



The Parametric Configurator GUI displays the parameters of the Product, as defined by the CLIK Parametric Configurator. For example, the parameters of a vehicle are engine, transmission, wheelbase,  etc. The parameters and their instances reside in CLIK DS, where engineers do their data and modeling work. Users may select from a list of  available parameter’s values and re-optimize the Product based on the changed requirements.


The Report and Diagnostic section displays the list of parts and assemblies, together with the results of computations for engineering inspection.  It includes diagnostics and help messages.


The result of product customization, including optimization if requested, are displayed in a separate window using the CLIK 3D Renderer . All its features are available to the end users, including measurement of distances and annotations. Authorized engineers can export the product assembly directly into a CAD program such as SolidWorks, Creo, or NX.