Extreme customization without data explosion

CLIK-Parametric Configurator (CLIK pCF) allows for extreme customization at no incremental cost, which translates into greater customer satisfaction and increased profits. Built on CLIK Technologies, CLIK pCF can solve even the most complex configuration challenges manufacturers will encounter.

Unlike with traditional product configurator, CLIK pCF, users can write engineering and business logic constraints, formulate domain queries, and design domain models. They can integrate multiple optimizers, constraint solvers, and external applications.

Integrated with CLIK iDS, end users, such as customers, will see only compatible catalog items that can be placed at permitted locations and orientations. Behind the scenes, CLIK pCF integrates with CLIK AAE for automated interference checks with other objects while assembling parts and components with the right orientation. Solutions come alive in CLIK 3D.


Elimination of pre-engineered parts and assemblies

Elimination of combinatorial rule explosion

Drastic reduction of documentation

Generation of the Bill of Materials at runtime.

Immediate 3D visualization of configured product

Immediate feedback on the compatibility of the configured solution

Dynamic optimization of critical engineering factors


2D and 3D configuration

Chassis and Body-layout

Chassis-body assembly

Seating arrangements

Electrical panels and wiring