Software for Engineering

Certusoft solutions help engineers with design automation and engineering optimization.
Certusoft CLIK Technologies are core software products upon which we build industry-specific solutions. They support applications that are flexible, easily adaptable to changing business requirements, and that are rapidly deployed. When solving engineering challenges, they reduce waste through automation, and shift resources to high-value activities.

For product data experts and engineering staff, we provide a friendly, integrated environment where they can develop, test and visualize their designs, releasing to production without IT involvement.

Certusoft CLIK Assembly Icon


Articial Intelligence for automated feature recognition and part assembly. CLIK Automated Assembly Engineering, or CLIK AAE, is a cloud-based service for the automated assembly of CAD assets and optimization of 3D layouts.

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CLIK Designer, or CLIK DS, is a complete environment for engineers and data modelers to create, maintain, and share results for increased efficiency without data explosion.


TruckPerfect is a complete environment for engineers and sales professionals in the commercial vehicle industry. Different modules can be added which seamlessly integrate with each other. TruckPerfect combines our extensive expertise in commercial vehicle engineering with CLIK Technologies® for optimization and interactive 3D visualization of designs.