Platform for autonomous engineering of commercial vehicles.

TruckPerfect combines Certusoft’s extensive expertise in commercial vehicles with CLIK Technologies® to make autonomous engineering a reality with optimization, 3D search, and constraint solving. It provides a complete environment for engineers and sales that can be expanded using a variety of modules that seamlessly work together. A Real-Time 3D Renderer provides immediate visualization of the worked designs in a web browser. Available modules are 3D Layout Optimizer, Driveline Optimizer and Powertrain Optimizer.

“Drivelines Optimizer has virtually eliminated order coding issues due to Drivelines at Navistar. The amount of labor to maintain Drivelines has decreased by 80%. We believe our implementation of TruckPerfect at Navistar has resulted in appreciable value thru productivity, quality, and product performance improvements”.

Thomas Gidley, IT Business Manager, Navistar, 2016

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Get the optimal chassis layout in seconds!

Different truck applications, such as delivery, refuse, emergency and construction, demand a concerted effort between body makers and chassis OEM. Lack of integration between them results in a back and forth redesign process that may delay delivery to fleet customers. Emission control systems and the addition of custom components such as pumps make available physical space on the frame scarce. When the layout changes, drivelines must be often redesigned, resulting in more time-consuming engineering rework.

Layout Optimizer (CLIK-LY) lets engineering dynamically calculate the best possible chassis layout that fits a body while finding the best driveline. The entire process, layout plus driveline optimization, takes just a few seconds, all without manual intervention. CLIK-LY is based on proprietary optimization algorithms deployed over a parallel computing infrastructure. A customer or dealer can design a truck in seconds without contacting sales engineering. CLIK-LY can be integrated with order management systems for real time visibility by dealers, customers, and suppliers. It is capable of selecting compatible sales codes and generate BOM for Powertrain, Chassis and Driveline while guaranteeing the optimal quote.

Custom layouts of vehicle chassis and bodies optimized on the Certusoft cloud can be imported directly into SolidWorks to enable engineering review of finished drawings. The cloud-generated finished drawings can be filed for Engineering Documentation and viewed by customers on any web browser using Certusoft secure 3D visualization renderer.


Reduce the optimization time of drivelines to seconds, not hours!

Defective drivelines cause vehicle vibrations, excessive wear, and costly damage to components. Engineers often spend days manually designing drivelines with two or more shafts using CAD systems, which is both time consuming and still may not produce the best possible design.

Driveline Optimizer (CLIK-DL) lets engineering dynamically calculate the best possible driveline in just a few seconds without manual intervention. The calculations can be integrated with order management systems for real time visibility by dealers, customers, and suppliers. Users can optimizes any driveline configuration, including those with transfer cases, auxiliary transmissions, jack shafts, and power take-offs.

Manufacturers can make use of this tool to reduce material costs associated with shaft errors, increase vehicle fuel efficiency by reducing unnecessary weight, and eliminate the pre-engineering of drivelines and associated parts inventory.


Easily calculate maximum performance and fuel economy.

Medium- and heavy-duty trucks are customized for their specific mission, such as hauling, construction, or delivery. Selecting the wrong vehicle for the job adds thousands of dollars in fuel cost a year, increases maintenance costs and decreases resale value.

Finding the right vehicle for the job is not a trivial task and often requires dealers and their customers to compromise between performance and fuel economy. This manual process is often tedious, error-prone, and even when it’s done, may not find the optimal vehicle for the task.

Powertrain Optimizer automatically matches the powertrain to the job requirements. In just a few seconds, it finds the best vehicle, in both performance and fuel economy. There are no more manual calculations to make, eliminating errors and time spent on a process that often results in no savings.