CLIK Technologies

Our foundation for design automation, interactive visualization, product configuration, and engineering optimization

CLIK Technologies are core software products upon which we build industry-specific solutions. Together, they bring innovation throughout your organization. They support applications that are flexible, easily adaptable to changing business requirements, and that are rapidly deployed. When solving engineering challenges, they reduce waste through automation, and shift resources to high-value activities.

For product data experts and engineering staff we provide a friendly, integrated, environment where they can manage development, test, visualize their designs, and release to production without any  IT involvement.

For end users, your customers and dealers, we provide a browser-based GUI for product interaction and visualization.

We invite you to explore our suite of CLIK-Technologies products in more details at the links below.


CLIK®, short for Computer Language for Inference and Knowledge, empowers extreme customization and optimization without the pitfalls that plague traditional configuration systems. CLIK® is an expressive language used for writing and maintaining engineering and business logic constraints, domain queries, and domain models. It is also a powerful scripting environment for integrating multiple optimizers, constraint solvers, and applications.

CLIK Technologies® is …

  • A Language
  • A Domain Modeler
  • A Domain Data Editor
  • A Distributed Repository
  • An Execution Runtime

No Programming required
CLIK® can express and execute arbitrary functional queries and constraints over any domain. The underlying database is hidden from the domain modeler who never needs to work with any database language or any low level language like Java or C++. Through a built-in binding capability, CLIK® can delegate any execution to any independently developed Java implementation and without any compile time dependency to CLIK®.

Easy and efficient product design with CLIK-Designer.
CLIK-Designer is built for design and sales engineers. Unlike traditional systems where even trivial changes in the data model require writing software and shutting down the system for installation, CLIK-Designer parameters, constraints, and data evolve continuously, without interrupting engineering or sales operations. Engineers implement and commit changes to the system and production releases without any IT involvement.

Share data with other manufacturers with CLIK-Designer Distributed Repository.
Unlike traditional systems, CLIK-Designer is built for the cloud where there is no centralized control. A manufacturer, its partners, and its suppliers can develop independent custom data and parametric models for their products and use the application’s easy-to-use tools to view, compare, audit, and publish any version or any segment of the data for usage on the cloud.

Certusoft CLIK Designer Icon


CLIK Designer, or CLIK DS, is a complete environment for engineers and data modelers to create, maintain, and share results for increased efficiency without data explosion.

CLIK 3D Renderer

CLIK 3D Renderer is a cloud-based service for interactive, real-time, 3D visualization within the CLIK iDS platform. It directly integrates with all our CLIK applications.

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CLIK Automated Assembly Engineering, or CLIK AAE, is a cloud-based service for the automated assembly of CAD assets and optimization of 3D layouts.


CLIK Solvers are powerful algorithms that help solve challenging problems in engineering and design automation, such as packaging, structural integrity, and performance.