From Virtual to Physical Products

Engage your customers with immersive digital experiences that translate into exact physical products.  Imagine your customers armed with the ability to easily customize and view their products in 3D whenever they want. Why make them wait weeks or months to see what they have ordered when they can visualize it immediately? See our Build-Your-Truck (BYT) for Morgan Truck Bodies at BYT  or email us for a demo.

Certusoft CLIK Technologies empowers all our applications and give your enterprise a single, unified technology foundation that creates virtual 3D experiences for your customers and powerful automation for your engineers to assemble products. A single software technology that supports customers, marketing, engineering, and sales.

We invite you to explore our cloud products for Marketing, Engineering, and Sales.

Recent News

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BYT application empowers customers to effortlessly select every detail of the work truck with 3D Visualization in real-time; and guarantees the right fit between chassis and body.

Build-Your-Truck (BYT) Launched at Morgan Truck Bodies

We are happy to announce the launch of Build Your Truck (BYT) at Morgan Truck Body! Shoppers can now configure a dry van body on their preferred chassis in full interactive 3D and request a quote. We thank Morgan for believing in our vision and in the technology that made it possible. BYT is available 24/7 at