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Your customers want to customize their products to their unique needs. Why limit their choices, when you can offer more, with less effort? Certusoft CLIK Technologies empowers your enterprise with a single, unified technology foundation that creates value for your customers and increases profitability by harnessing the power of design automation.

A single software technology supports customers, engineers and operations. Customers connect with products on a personal level by customizing and immediately visualizing their choices in full 3D-display. Engineers work easily and efficiently by instantly inspecting and visualizing their product designs and assemblies, free from the drudgery of CAD manual tasks. Manufacturing can offer extreme customization, yet build with the least part variance. Operations are streamlined with one overarching flow from product quote to ERP hand over.

Recent News

Certusoft at 3DXW22

Certusoft will demonstrate a cloud-based, real-time interactive 3D environment built upon SolidWorks, Extended Reality (XR) Exporter and SolidWorks PDM. We will spotlight the case study of the largest US manufacturer of delivery vans and chassis manufacturers. Custom designs are created visually in a browser and exported back to SolidWorks for engineering and manufacturing. Integrated artificial intelligence not only guides the customers to but also optimizes the design to match the operational and performance priorities of the virtually assembled vehicles

Certusoft at NTEA WTW21

Certusoft will exhibit at NTEA WTW21 with a live demo on March 9, 12:15-12:30pm. Hear how Morgan Truck Body integrates with chassis OEM and other suppliers. Customers can examine theirs orders in full interactive 3D with Certusoft CLIK 3D cloud services. Come and see us!