Powerful algorithms for design automation

Our mathematical methods solve challenging engineering problems that can have ripple effects throughout the enterprise, from diminished design innovation, slow customer response and lost sales opportunities, to inefficient use of resources and manufacturing errors. Solvers bring automation where is most needed.

Accelerate decision making

Our solvers, in combination with Certusoft espressive CLIK Language, accelerate human decision-making in scenarios with high number of constraints, be these physical, spatial, or regulatory. We use the power of CLIK and Design Intent to formulate decision steps leading to the the best possible, optimal, outcome.


Optimizers automate human decision processes that are manually intensive because of the high number of parameters and large search space. Examples are packaging of objects in 3D space, structural integrity of an engineering design, and vehicle performance. Millions of possible assemblies can be evaluated in just a few minutes, together with their physical and regulatory requirements.



10 Seconds Response Time

Search in 3D Spatial, Functional and Part/Assembly Portfolio Spaces

Correlated Spatial, Functional and Part/Assembly Constraints

Context Dependent Constraints



Fast Clash Checker

Certusoft Fast Clash Checker algorithm detects and resolves collisions between 3D geometrical bodies. Critical design problems such as the packaging of parts in vehicle compartments or boxes in shipping containers require fast and accurate collision detection without manual intervention. Certusoft solution is up to million times faster than clash checking computed by CAD geometry kernels, it is fully automated.


Reliable: Tolerant to Geometric Defects in CAD Files

Up to Million Times Faster than CAD Geometry Kernel Clash Checking

Executes in Memory without CAD Files

Converts any CAD File to a Neutral Form for Fast Geometrical Calculations

Safe Parallel Execution