Platform for extreme customization, visualization, and optimization

CPQ, or Configure-Price-Quote, systems help automate the customization and quote process of a variety of manufacturing products, from relatively simple ones, such as desktop computers, to very complex ones, such as firetrucks.

Sales is not about the letter Q, but getting to O, Order. Certusoft understands that automation should not stop at Quote. If it takes sales 10 minutes to configure and price a product, but one week for engineering to approve its design and generate an order, it creates bottlenecks, costly reworks, slow deliveries, and missed sales.

Certusoft CPQ goes beyond Quote by drastically reducing manual intervention by engineering. With Certusoft CPQ,  a manufacturing product is ready to be ordered and built. Our most comprehensive solution, Cloud CPQ seamlessly integrates CLIK Solvers, CLIK 3D Renderers, a Parametric Configurator, a Order Management system, and BOM generation. The entire quote-to-build can be processed under a  single platform.


CLIK-Parametric Configurator (CLIK-CF) allows for extreme customization at no incremental cost, which translates into greater customer satisfaction and increased profits. Built on CLIK Technologies®, CLIK-CF can solve even the most complex configuration challenges manufacturers will encounter.

CLIK-CF speeds up the customization process by providing interactive 3D design and visualization models, performance analysis, and the optimization of critical engineering components directly at the Point-of-Sale. Manufacturers have traditionally delegated these tasks to the back-end, where engineering spend time generating CAD drawings that are then returned to the customer for approval. It’s not uncommon for this process to be repeated several times until everyone agrees on the final design. CLIK-CF eliminates this back and forth, making the process much more efficient and effective.


Built on CLIK Technologies®

Immediate 3D visualization of configured product

Immediate feedback on the compatibility of the configured solution

Dynamic optimization of critical engineering factors


2D and 3D configuration


Chassis-body assembly

Seating arrangements

Electrical panels and wiring


CLIK-Order Manager (CLIK-OM) is a collaborative platform for sales, OEMs, and suppliers. Quotes and orders are visible to all involved parties at each stage of the quote-to-order process with 24/7 Internet connectivity.
Based on CLIK Technology®, CLIK-OM is capable of supporting multi-party transactions in a number of different ways. Each OEM involved in a sale bid has a number of capabilities:

  • Independently configure their customized components
  • Manage their change orders
  • Communicate their changes to CLIK-OM for compatibility checks with components from the other vendors
  • Monitor how changes made to one component affect the overall bid
  • Assess performance and pricing of the final product
  • Generate custom PDF proposals

Suppliers have direct access to the Bill of Materials for effective management of their manufacturing and delivery schedules.

The emergency vehicle industry is a prime showcase of the power of CLIK-OM. Fire trucks are typically engineered by procuring the major components from different vendors. Items such as the chassis, body, water pump, and aerial are themselves configurable with numerous available options. CLIK-CF allows each vendor to configure their components independently and transmit the information to the other vendors with CLIK-OM.


Our Bill of Material Generator (CLIK-BOM) is capable of generating a BOM dynamically even when a part is not engineered prior to sales. As the inventor of “just-in-time engineering”, CLIK-BOM creates a BOM dynamically after the product is optimized for performance and quality.