3D Viewer of dynamically assembled products

CLIK 3D is a browser-based  application for interactive 3D viewing of customized products. The displayed 3D product is not pre-designed, but is dynamically assembled from user-selected individual components. The entire process, from assembly to display, takes less than 10 seconds.

CLIK 3D easily embeds within existing applications, such as sales configurators and PDM systems, for real-time visibility by all end users, from customers, to engineers, and suppliers.

CLIK 3D utilizes CLIK Assembly and CLIK 3D Renderer technologies.



Instant Verification

End users, such as customers and sales, can instantly verify their customized product by visually inspecting them in 3D as they are building it. It is faster and more intuitive that checking a PDF proposal line by line.

Instant Validation

Engineers can immediately detect design errors in their assemblies. They can try different designs and assemblies without being hampered by manual operations with a CAD application.


All stakeholders can share the interactive 3D design by simply sending a weblink of what they are viewing.


View in either realist (perspective) or CAD (orthographic) mode

Accurate to one millimeter

Render from raw CAD formats

Interactive zooming, rotation and translation

Standard viewing (left, right, front, back, bottom, top, isometric)

Measuring tool and annotations

Isolation of components

Export bridge to CAD programs: PTC Creo©, Siemens NX© and SolidWorks©

Product placement in realistic 3D environments

Easily embed into existing websites