Excite and engage customers with an immersive digital experience.

CLIK-NVision is a cloud-based service that integrates 3D visualization with product configuration. CLIK NVision enables online users to interact with a 3D display while customizing their products.  It intelligently displays only compatible options and let users place them at different locations while autonomously checking for clashes with other objects.


CLIK-NVision is built for all stakeholders. Manufacturers use it to maintain 3D product data and rules, while online users use it to try various designs before buying their products.


IP Protection

Server-side rendering ensures that 3D models displayed on the web can never be reverse-engineered. Neither CAD data nor mesh data is sent to a user’s computer.

Small Bandwidth

Client-side 3D visualization is optimized for minimal download size. Visualization on smartphones and tablets does not consume a significant amount of wireless data. Unlike client-side rendering such as WebGL, mesh data is never downloaded, only the finished image, which may be 100 KB.

Responsive User Experience

High frame rates on powerful Certusoft servers ensures fast visualization and interactivity on a user’s computer.


Easily embed into existing websites.

Render from most CAD formats

Interactive zooming, rotation and translation

Product placement in realistic 3D environments