Excite and engage customers with a real-time digital experience.

Visualization is the fastest and most intuitive way to quickly verify  a design, measure distances, and check details before finalizing the design. Assembling components from scratch into a 3D design often requires repetitive viewing of the draft, while choosing from available options. This process can be frustratingly slow, and cumbersome.

Certusoft Real-Time 3D Renderer makes the design experience fast and enjoyable. It assembles components automatically from the raw CAD files using CLIK-Assembly. Different options can be quickly tested and viewed in just a few seconds in a web browser. Designs can also be exported into major CAD software packages. The Real-time 3D Renderer makes use of powerful GPU servers hosted in the Certusoft Vertical Cloud, and it is fast on any platform, including smart phones and  tablets with limited wireless bandwidth and data.


The Real-Time 3D Renderer easily integrates into existing websites with just a few line of javascript code.


IP Protection

Server-side rendering ensures that 3D models displayed on the web can never be reverse-engineered. Neither CAD data nor mesh data is sent to a user’s computer.

Small Bandwidth

Client-side 3D visualization is optimized for minimal download size. Visualization on smartphones and tablets does not consume a significant amount of wireless data. Unlike client-side rendering such as WebGL, mesh data is never downloaded, only the finished image, which may be 100 KB.

Responsive User Experience

High frame rates on powerful Certusoft servers ensures fast visualization and interactivity on a user’s computer.


Easily embed into existing websites.

Render from most CAD formats

Interactive zooming, rotation and translation

Standard viewing (left, right, front, back, bottom, top, isometric)

Measuring tool

Export bridge to CAD programs: PTC Creo©, Siemens NX© and SolidWorks©

Product placement in realistic 3D environments